Linux Disk Certification Project, UPDATED 01/06/2003

Linux Disk Certification Project and Linux ATA Development.

Linux ATA Development and Linux Disk Certification Project,
has given up on the idea of community supported development.
LINUXDISKCERT.ORG will expire on 06/19/03 and will not be renewed. If you would like to purchase this domain to keep it in the OpenSource community, please contact hostmaster and include a means to transfer the domain.

Linux mail server

ide-2.4.20-pre5-ac4.tar.bz2 tested and works, also may address part of the ali-chipset simplex issues.
ide-2.4.19-ac4.11.patch tested and works, now. This includes Serial ATA 1.0.

LAD-ide24-2.5.25.patch compiles boots and passes data integrity tests, REQUIRES Taskfile IO be enabled.

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